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Barn Wedding & Events



Basic Barn Wedding & Event Package for events up to 200 guests, includes the barn event rental for 1 day and a farmhouse rental for 3 nights. 


It includes, but is not limited to, the following:


Barn Loft Size
The hayloft of the barn measures approximately 20’ by 40’with two open doors overlooking Seneca Lake. The rear entrance features a gentle sloping gravel driveway, excellent for guests who cannot handle stairways; great for catering vehicles.


Folding chairs and tables are included for no additional fee. There are eleven 8’ rectangular tables, two 6’ rectangular tables and five 4’ square tables that are great for different seating patterns. Chairs include 150 white padded wedding chairs and 75 brown folding metal chairs. The farm also has four wine barrels, a wooden bar and other assorted antiques available for use. Hay and straw bales are also available at no extra charge. Weaver View Farm, LLC works closely with local reliable chair and table rentals for extra seating.


Weaver View Farm, LLC does not provide an event tent, but many wedding parties do decide to rent a tent if there is a chance of rain. The lawn in front of the barn has stunning open view of Seneca Lake, level enough for a huge tent. There are several reliable local companies that have erected a tent on the property, even on short notice; they also provide extra chairs and accessories.


The barn has updated lighting, as well as many strands of glittery white lights strung across the beams of the hayloft as well as on the railings on the outside of the barn. There are plenty of electrical outlets, extension cords, and power strips (for DJ or caterer).


Heating & Cooling
During the summer months, the barn has large barn fans at each end of the hayloft. This helps to draw cool Seneca Lake air into the barn. There are propane tanks available for heaters in cool months. (It is recommended to make use of the barn for weddings May to October.)


Restrooms & Water
The farm always has one port-a-potty on site. This unit is cleaned and sanitized before each event. There are several water faucets outdoors, close to the barn, for hand washing and various purposes. For weddings that prefer more dignified restroom facilities, there is plenty of room to add handicapped accessible port-a-potty or even a large restroom trailer.


The farm has plenty of safe off-road parking. Elderly, handicapped or family parking can be next to the barn. Guests can park in a clearly defined parking area that can hold 75 – 100 cars. Buses can use the driveway for guests that may be staying at a nearby hotel.


Decorations & Flowers
Barn decorating can be done up to a whole week in advance of the event. The bride and groom are encouraged to use their imaginations to create the wedding of their dreams! Wildflowers can be picked from the farm or there is also a talented local greenhouse owner who arranges flowers in all kinds of antique containers from bushel baskets to Mason jars. The barn is sturdy and can handle almost any decoration, but it cannot survive a fire. There is a convenient smoking area designated outdoors. All candles must be battery operated. NO EXCEPTIONS.


The farm has assorted vintage signs showing parking, restroom, ceremony, reception areas and a designated outdoor smoking area. THERE MAY BE NO SMOKING 15 FEET NEAR THE BARN. ANY GUEST THAT SMOKES INSIDE THE BARN OR WITHIN IN THE 15 FEET NEAR THE BARN AND DOES NOT USE PROPER DISPOSAL CONTAINERS WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PROPERTY.


RV's & Overnight Guests

Weddings often have guests traveling from a far. Weaver View Farm, LLC does allow up to two RV's or campers to park on the property, before & during an event. Traveling family members are glad for a chance to relax after an event. The farmhouse sleeps 18 - 20 people. It has an impressive honeymoon suite with an attached bathroom, as well as up to 6 other bedrooms and 2 additional full bathrooms for guests. The grand open staircase is a wonderful spot or wedding photographs. The farmhouse is an extremely popular vacation rental and must be reserved for a minimum of three nights for any event. These nights can be before, during and after an event. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


The choice of the bride and groom, the music can be a DJ or band. With the spacious loft inside, the barn has incredible acoustics. Regular outlet strips are provided. Music must be kept at a moderate decibel level as a courtesy for the neighbors on Seneca Lake. No music after 11:00 PM.


Catering & Food
A barn wedding is great with country food. Weaver View Farm, LLC does not cater but works well with sharing the farm with all kinds of catering companies. The farm is spacious enough to accommodate food trailers and BBQ trucks. The farmhouse has a large fridge/freezer, cooking and cupboard space for event meal prep. Cooks and servers are welcome to collect any vegetables or herbs from the huge organic garden on the farm. Fresh eggs are available from the chicken coop. ALCOHOL IS TO BE SERVED ONLY BY A LICENSED, RESPONSIBLE BARTENDER.


Garbage does not have to be removed from the property. There are various vintage garbage containers as well as a huge dumpster. Kitchen waste can be shared with the chickens.


Fire pit
A fire pit is available for guests to use anytime. Stocked with firewood and seating area, it offers one of the best views of Seneca Lake.


The barn is an extremely popular venue. Barn weddings should be reserved a year or more in advance.

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Basic Barn Event Package - just $4,995.00

This includes 1-day Barn Rental

And 3-night Farmhouse Rental

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